Relating Height of PopGeo Objects to Points


I have been experimenting with trying to get clusters of rectangles to have an extrusion height which is random, but increased the closer they are to the centre of a cell in a voronoi pattern.

Alas every effort seems to be fruitless, I have tried multiplying the distance between both PopGeo points by the height generated for the rectangles as well as other methods but it hasn’t work yet.

Any suggestions?

Procedural (33.4 KB)

you have to better understand datatree and also distances !
DataTree because you must measure distance of each branch with a branch containing the center of Voronoi cell, it is why I used a Graft in component Distance. Then as height must be maximum on center (distance =0) and minimum on boundary (distance =1) I uses a graph mapper to scale things.
I don’t like too much the division to get a distance. But whatever it is your choice.
Double click on Graph Mapper when you want to change something or add a dam after it.
That’s all.

Procedural Towers (35.5 KB)

Hey, thank you for your response, I have tried to follow your solution but the graph mapper stays blank? I haven’t been able to get it to show any kind of curve yet, I’m pretty sure my setup is the same as yours, what could I be missing?

Replace the grph mapper with one made with your grasshopper.