How to caculate the area of each surface of the single voronoi?

I’m trying to caculate the area of Si* in picture (b), but i can’t make the boolean between the surface and the voronoi meshes.And, I want to remove the overlapping faces.

area caculation of voronoi (36.5 KB)

I can’t open your file because you have plugins… (maybe you can attach the geometries also…)

But from the picture alone i can tell you are doing 2 mistakes:

  • you are doing a solid difference between a brep (actually a single face) and a mesh! It will never work. Use brep-brep or mesh-mesh intersection.
  • you are doing a solid difference of a face that enter but don’t exit the solid!
    Solid operations works when you have intersecting closed solids, or when, if with an open solid or surfaces, no naked edge is involved in the intersection.

Try to use Mesh|Mesh intersection. You should get closed polylines that way… (1.5 MB)

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