How to build a custom Grasshopper component using Python and macOS?

Hi, I have several questions for scripting a new own GH component made by Python on Mac:

  1. I’d like to employ PyCharm (or other IDEs) how the tool for scripting new gh component, so, as I can assume I need to add the path to the Rhino Python lib (rhinoscriptsyntax and RhinoCommon(Rhino)) in PyCharm. What are the paths for Mac? I have found this thread but seems it’s outdated and for Windows usage.

  2. How to add a custom Grasshopper component made by Python on Mac? There is the guide for C# on Mac (utilizing Xamarin Studio), also stumbled across Grasshopper Wizards (but that all for C# and Vb), and can’t find any tool for Mac and Python in conjunction.

  3. I have heard that the Grasshopper components written on Python execute essentially longer in contrast with C# and Vb. Why is it if it’s true of course?


I guess that it is really uncommon to develop Python components using Pycharm on Mac, that’s why it can be difficult to figure out how to set it all. There is also a chance that this workflow will change in Rhino 8 when RhinoCode will work with CPython and Grasshopper. Remember that current GHPython components are using IronPython. If you want to develop some things regarding CPython itself than the current workaround in Rhino 7 is to use Hops components - I run this with Pycharm without any problems. But I don’t develop normal GHPython components using Pycharm, for this the built-in IDE is enough at least for me.

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@w.radaczynski Thank you for your advice!