How to Brep for Intralattice

Hello, i’m having some trouble with the creation of a Lattice Structure.
I’ve created this structure with Grasshopper/IntraLattice BUT i need to use it in SpaceClaim, another modeller.
After this, i saved in STEP file and opened it on SpaceClaim but it will give me an error like “No B-Rep data in input file”.
I tried to do a simple cube (surface or solid) with Rhino, without grasshopper or intralattice, and it worked fine.
But i want to do this kind of complex structure and the thing is that I’m not able to obtain a “single” Brep surface (only multiple).
I’ve tried to play along with the other commands in the software but at this moment I don’t have any solutions.
In other words, i want to use IntraLattice and to be able to load the results in step format on SpaceClaim.
Sorry for bad english/long post but someone can help me?

Hi - you don’t mention baking to the Rhino document, so just making sure… What happens when you import that STEP file into a new Rhino document?

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Oh my god, thanks you, I feel very stupid now.
You know, I’m a new user, I’m just training AND I didn’t understood the “Bake” command at all, I never used it until now.
So, I went to “bake” my Structure and it just worked fine, I finally managed to save and upload the STEP file into SpaceClaim.
Thank you very much for the “Hint”.