How to bind a plane in Rhino to Grasshopper?

I can create a plane in Rhino, and I can create a Plane geometry input node in Grasshopper, but I don’t seem to be able to bind them together, because when I move the plane in Rhino, the Grasshopper one stays still:


I guess that’s because when you do “set one plane” in Grasshopper, you get a new tool in Rhino to individually select axies, rather than the entire plane geometry that you already created…

How do you bind an actual plane in Rhino to Grasshopper?

An actual plane in Rhino (as you show it) is just a planar surface. You reference that surface with the surface component, then you can, for example attach the “IsPlanar” component (Surface>Analysis) which outputs the plane.


There are about a bazillion other methods to do this as well…

Thank you!