Grasshopper Param similar to the Plane Param


I’m trying to implement a functionality similar to set plane from the grasshopper plane param for one of my own custom params. For consistency sake I’d like to have it behave exactly as the plane param does down to the visualisation of the plane while it is being set in rhino.

My question: Is there already a method that does all that like maybe Rhino.Input.RhinoGet.GetPlane that I haven’t found or do I need to write all the individual steps out myself and handle the visualisation?

And in that case is there somewhere some example code for how to do this most efficiently?

You could try the GH_Plane.DrawPlane method which has several parameters to control the display:

or there is the CPlane class in Rhino which has draw options:

Hi @johnharding,

thanks you. While looking in to your suggestions I cam upon this, which with a bit of modification ended being a perfect solution.

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