How to avoid the same result in the multiple list

I was trying to do replicate this kind of graphic but i wanted to be with regular step but pseudo random, so i created more circle using the same point and jittering the values, but it is very probable that there is the same value on the same index resulting in just one circle (one on top of the other) so i used EQUALS and MEMBER INDEX to find which one have the same radius and avoid this situation.

In your opinion which is the best way to do it? And if i want to add more “layer” and to be all different one another?
Thank You Very Much in advance for Your help.


Not quite sure this is the best way but could be one way.

Circles with different (13.6 KB)

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Hi HS_Kim, i’ve tried to open the file but GH gave me this message.

Relays are Rhino6 features only. It’s the small grey box in the lower left connecting the output of the topmost List Length to the D input of the sublist component. You can replace it by just connecting the two directly.

Ok I’ve got this, i’ve recreated the algorithm trying to understand the flow and i really got this until the Sub List (SubSet) component. Basically you created two jittered lists, you have evaluated them and Culled the branch with the equal values. But with Sub List you are gonna repeat the list from the start and eventually finding some pattern to come out. What if i wanted “true different” values.

And what if i want a third jittered lists?

Circles with different (20.7 KB)
Did you checked the detailes of the definition?

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Oh gosh, i missed the X*1.5. My bad, i’m sorry. And what if i want a third jittered lists?

Here’s another way of looking at the problem - “sample without replacement” instead of “sample with replacement and cull duplicates”

Circles with different (8.8 KB)

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