How to handle multiple data trees

Hello guys!
I have a number of circles with a random radius on a curve. I divide each of the circles with a random number of points. Afterwards, I want to pick a point of each circle randomly ( different on each circle ). My problem is that when I insert the points on a list I can choose the same index point on each circle. How can I handle every circle as a separate list of points and pick a different index point for each of them? (6.5 KB)

Thank in advance!

With random component. But there was a error in your definition in that you were plugging the circles into the number of random values for the first random you had. This was causing duplicate levels of branches. What should be plugged there is list length. (10.5 KB)

Thank you very much Michael !!

Is that what you’re looking for? (13.6 KB)

Yeah! Thank you both of you!