Create List with non consecutive list items

I have a bunch of points in a list that I want to connect with a polyline. I want some of the points to repeat an adjustable amount of times, but they can’t be consecutive in the list as this would cause a zero length line distance between them. How do I make sure the items wont repeat in the list. Ideally I would like the list to be ordered randomly.
If you’re interested, this project is to find an efficient kitchen design by quatifying distance of movement between kitchen elements.
Kitchen (49.1 KB)

How do I sort a list and create a boolean value based on whether consecutive list items are similar?

You can solve this in many ways.
If those are just points, sort them and make polyline anyway: you’ll get a warning message about the zero-length segments but it will do it as you want.
Or you can [Cull Duplicates] of your point list…

For your last question you can shift your list and make subtraction with the original list; for every value, if the value is 0 (or under a tolerance) you element is a repetition of the previous.

I was thinking of doing that but couldn’t figure out how. Please help can you show?

I mean could you show how to do second option with subtraction. I have tried but am not that skilled

Here is my new file. In the Distance Solver group, I want to test this list for repeating values and if there are, make a new seed for the jitter componentKitchen (40.7 KB)

Sorry, that is I want to test the list after the jitter component.

See this: Kitchen (7.8 KB)

Okay. Thanks a lot. That looks like it will do the job.