How to avoid double count (repeated)

Double count.3dm (914.5 KB)
For steel frame structure, some designer prefer to draw the shape only by copy, paste, mirror and sometimes double count some elements.
Attached a frame composed by 7 elements only and another 7 is repeated. How to remove the repeated elements systematically?

SelDup followed by Delete


For some member is partly duplicated (overlapped) as attached, is it possible to sort them out?
ThanksDouble count 1.3dm (716.1 KB)

Hi youngken - you can try this script - save then drag and drop onto Rhino to load the script - the alias to run the script is


It is not fast - it does work on the file you posted, but I’m not sure how useful it is in general. There’s also a script in there to remove duplicate surfaces from a polysurface:


RemoveDupSrf.rvb (23.2 KB)