Remove Duplicates

Hey there! I’m try to do this frame structure, starting from a circle (rail) and disposing beams with sweep. There are 5 variable sections inserted with multiple curves, the first and the last are same.

My problem is that the beams are repeating like duplicates one on the top of each other. It’s possible to fix in rhino removing the duplicates, but when I try to do secondary beams (green part on the images) the problem persist. Now the duplicates are splitting at the two sides of the primary and I don’t want two secondary beams for each primary, but only one. Can you help me please? (22.7 KB) (18.6 KB)

hope it help~

It looks like i’m too late :dancer: The problem is that the planes that create the profiles are intersecting the brep twice. So u just need to remove the duplicating ones. (you’ll need pufferfish for this one) (28.8 KB)

The duplicates are caused by the fact that planes intersect your Sweep1 shape twice.

There are various ways of dealing with that but it can get complicated…

Instead of using plane intersections that return two curves for each plane, you might have better luck using PlaneSrf (Plane Surface) intersections where the surfaces are sized to avoid intersecting your swept shapes twice.

Thanks to every one! It’s exactly what I was looking for

@dowazura do you know why it works only with a perfect circle as rail and not with other type of lines?