How to automate GH to run a big set of input variable

Hi everyone,
I am using GH and GeomGym plugin to connect Rhino/GH with SpaceGass or ETABS or SAP2000 as the Analysis Solvers.
I modelled a Beam in GH and used an analysis solver and made an enquiry for the Max bending moment in the Beam. I am dealing with a study and investigating the change of bending moment in the beam in 100 cases. In each case, I change the input parameters (5 variables as Beam length, Loading case, Load positions, etc.). I am just wondering if there is any way to automate this study, let’s say is there any component that reads a dataset (values of input variables) one by one, run the analysis and saves the results?? Other than that, I have to input the variables, run the analysis and save the results manually for 100 cases which is not efficient.