Automation with GH and Python

Hello everyone, I’m doing, what I thought, would be a simple automation script for a GH setup. It all runs fine up until the final two lines?! My ‘test’ object is baked at the 0,0,0 location through all 25 passes… can someone point out what I’m missing?!

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino

gh = Rhino.RhinoApp.GetPlugInObject("Grasshopper")

for x in range(10, 5, -1):
    gh.SetSliderValue('73d914fb-8207-41b0-9114-e778aa2ef02e', x)
    for y in range(0, 5):
        gh.SetSliderValue('d82ad1ef-285d-4ba6-8ff8-880b57db6619', y*10)
        test = gh.BakeDataInObject('a81ae54b-c561-40bd-987b-9567367dfe87')
        vect = (x * 17, y * 17, 0)
        rs.MoveObject(test, vect)

Hello, this works for me. I used Points, modified they x and y by setting the sliders, and moved them with a vector of (0,0,i*10). each row has different z values, like expected, so this script works.
Maybe you have wrong Instance Guids, or your slider changes neutralise the movement?
Furthermore, GH Automation is quite nice, but in the end its a hack. Is there a reason to do it like this?