How to attach objects like 3ds max into UE4

In 3ds max discrete objects are “attached” together to bring into the UE4 . With rhinoceros 3d can we do that?

Hi -
You might want to contact Unreal about questions regarding their products.

The attached object in the 3D design (I use Rhinoceros 3d) then transferred to the Unreal program that assigns the material.

It’s not very clear what you mean, but if you mean bundling together multiple meshes then yes, multiple meshes can be joined together into one mesh and then exported out of Rhino.

// Rolf

I did not find similar tools in Rhinoceros 3d

The terminology in MAX is different than in Rhino, but Attach in MAX is an equivalent of “Join” in Rhino. Keep in mind this works well with Mesh Objects only in Rhino (MAX is mostly mesh-based to that’s given). So if you want to join together a bunch of objects in Rhino, you would have to first convert them to meshes.