How to array 10deg increments a surface around an axle line?

How do I Array this sheet around the axle line. 10 deg increments for 180 degrees rotation.
ArrayPolar asks to pick a spot, I pick end of axle, but then no ‘ask’ for other end.
3D rotation asks for both ends but has no array option.

Array 10deg around axle.3dm (33.7 KB)


Hi Steve -

ArrayPolar uses the CPlane to determine the rotation. Just create a temporary CPlane perpendicular to the sheet before running that command.

By temporary do you mean create a Cplane by object or by three points etc, as I am also aware, though never ever used it, of a working plane as such, think thats the name., where one sees a small grid on the object additional to the main Cplane grid behind.
Cplanes forever bite me, I need to carefully study the answers over time received and make notes, pin to wall, as I used to find reverting to the original cplane that my views were never the same, top was now the bottom or facing sideways when before it faced down screen, right now becomes end, until I know for absolute sure how to revert to the original views I stay clear as once that happens the job will divert from 1 hour into a day trying to solve it !
Its on my to do list when learning v7, to get to grips with Cplane and revert to default views. Not have it control me.

Well lets try, make a messabout file, set Cplane to the surface in perspective view, top view refuses to now be looking straight down the axle, ditto left or end. I make the 10deg increments using Rotate3D ! I need to label them, so again try and whilst perspective view is clearly aligned to the axle, top view is still as before, and not a view of the end of the item, with an array of lines like a clock face. Try setting the surface in top view using Cplane by object, still no joy, try Cplane 3 point in perspective, top view still no change, looks same as default CPlane. So I give up, until I have a day to get to the bottom of Cplanes once and for all. Else this will yet again wreck my plan to con to win10 in a few days time, as keeps happening.