3D Array polar

Is there a way of rotating and copying around the Z axis holes that are in the side of an object?

are you refering to
you can set the cplane first, then use the command.

there is an option to set the cplane to a surface

maybe post a file and a sketch to make more clear what you need / want to achieve.

kind regards -tom

I have a cube with two holes in one side, I want to copy, rotate around the Zaxis so that all 4 sides have two holes. What is the easiest way to do this rather than creating four separate CP and creating the holes individually?

Hi Martin - There are some hole tools but in general Rhino is not ‘feature based’ and holes do not know they are holes. In this case the simplest would be to ArrayPolar the cutters before making the the holes, or after the fact, like this, I’d go back to the surfaces:

ExtractSrf the face with the holes.
Join that face to the holes.
Delete everything else
ArrayPolar the face with the holes.


Thanks, I tried to rotate the cutting geometry but was not able too, I will give it another go.

Hi Martin - you don’t need to do any cutting, if by that you mean splitting or trimming - Use ExtractSrf.


Sorted thanks