How to apply the GH algorithm on sphere/ellipsoid surface

I am working on this half ellipsoid (egg) shaped dome (attached Rhino file). I would like to apply this grasshopper pattern on the surface of the dome. The GH algorithm photo is posted, but with the low resolution I can’t seem to figure it out. and also the GH is applied on a flat surface, not a sphere. (see attached) (I contacted the GH creator via email but her email is no longer valid.)

Can you direct me to where I can find the GH file and how to develop them to fit more into my own project? I also find this line flow attractor point (see attached) project, but can this also be applied onto a sphere (ellipsoid) surface.



DOME.3dm (621.3 KB)

Hi, here are 5 mapping strategies which I would try in order:

(0. Simplify the ellipsoid shape, best to a few non-rational surfaces. The more lightweight the better the morph)

  1. Use the Rhino command _flowalongsurface
  2. Use Gh , Surface Morph or Splorph
  3. Create a surface around and project normal (pull). Divide and conquer.
  4. Create the curves directly on the shape by using iso curves or uv coordinates
  5. or create a net of 3d curves and project normal (pull)
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