How to Align two different planes(in two branches) to same normal vector?

Hello everyone, I am Ranju
I have a big problem aligning two different frames(planes).
first, I created a PQ mesh from a given surface and split it into two different branches, so that I can make a checkerboard pattern. Each edge in the quad was then assigned a frame according to the normal of the quad. I WANT TO ALIGN(adjust) THE TWO FRAMES SHARING THE SAME EDGE in such a way that the angle between the two frames will be zero. I hope someone could help me here. Thank you
Please find the attached script
Align (57.2 KB)

Align (84.9 KB)

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Thank you very much Jakinta. It works. I think i was using wrong normal for creating planes. I should have asked help earlier. I was stuck here for almost a week. Thanks again!