How to align sphere to zero origin?

Im new to rhino.

I have a sphere and want to align it to zero.

Imagine a invisible square containing this sphere and i want to align 1 corner to xyz zero.

Thanks :smile:

Since spheres don’t have corners, you might want to build a cube of the same dimensions outside the sphere, and turn on Grid Snap, and make “end and point” active. Then select both the sphere and the cube and choose the “Move” tool. Grab the corner of the cube and snap it to the 0,0,0 location (then delete the cube).

Select sphere
Run BoundingBox command
Enter (or change options to wireframe instead of solid if you prefer…)
Run Move command
Select corner of box
Type 0 and enter

Or just use “center” osnap and hover somewhere along the seam.


That selects the center, not the corner of the bounding box which is what Kristofer wants to align to the origin. He could use the center though if he knows the radius of the center.
Select sphere
Select center of sphere as point to move from by using “center” osnap and hover somewhere along the seam.
Enter coordinates Radius, Radius, Radius as point to move to.

Bounding box did what i was looking for thanks but lets say i got a box with fillets all around is there a way to do a selection outside that solid where the edges would have met/intersect?

Like selecting 2 edges and rhino translates that selection to the corner?

Many thanks for the bounding box.


if you start with a point before making your sphere, you can use the point (which is the center of the sphere) to align to where ever you want the sphere. Just make sure to bound the two together or your point will move but not the sphere.

Sorry, completely misread the post… --Mitch

Hi Kristofer,

Have a look at the “SmartTrack” feature that allows for snapping to waypoints and generating guidelines to snap to.


use the bounding box command, set snap to end, grab both the bounding box and sphere with a crossing window, snap to the corner you want at 0,0,0, set osnap on finally snapping to the origin. cheers, Rob