How to add this "OK" button to alias shortcut?

Hi Im trying to add an alias shortcut for SelBlockInstanceNamed command, which has a Ok button in the pop up window that I want to skip clicking
I tried to type in alias
SelBlockInstanceNamed Enter
but it doesnt work, so I guess the Ok button is not the equivalent of Enter. Help, I use this command a lot so dont want to click on Ok everytime

Hello - to supress the dialog altogether use the ‘dash’ version of the command


with a dash in front, (note, not the same as the underascore)


Sorry not fully working yet. I was planned to select a block first, then use the alias to get all instances under the name selected.
_-SelBlockInstanceNamed this solution prompts to type name or select a block after typing the command, so needs even some more typing or clicking
I tried
_-SelBlockInstanceNamed _S Enter but not really working
Any other tips? Thanks

Hello- try

_-SelBlockInstanceNamed _SelectBlockToMatch

With a block instance preselected.


Yeah I tried this. Really weird, it still promts to select a block after the command and ignores the pre-selection, and I need to select the same block again and press enter for it to work (Rhino 7.35)

Hello- that has been fixed up in V8 - preselection works.


Ah ok thanks

Hopefully there is some similar patch or a seperate fast command that does this for next Rhino 7 update :sweat_smile: My company wont roll out 8 for a while. if you know any macro, please let me know