How to add sub-assemblies to multiple cast units

Hi all, there are more than 200 concrete panels and a large number of steel tubes inside these panels. Is it possible to automatically add these pipes to the panels as sub-assemblies based on analyzing if the tube is inside the panel body? Thanks for your reply in advance

Yes you can do this for sure.

Сan I ask for help in solving this problem? The first problem is to create separate cust units. If I use the following code, I get one cast unit.

The second problem is how to use the results of the analysis of determining the location of the pipe inside the panel. Where to go from here?
And in the “Explode tree” node do I need to manually add all the number of output parameters? What if there are 400 or more panels?

Thank you very much

I didn’t see your attachment. I can’t help you if I want to! :grinning:

I apologize! (13.4 KB)

Please convert geometric objects to GH built-in objects!

Did I understand you correctly? (255.0 KB) (256.8 KB)

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Thank you so much for the prompt creation of the code! Сan you please explain how to use it to create cast units in Tekla?
I see roughly the following algorithm: the Tekla model has separate panels and pipes. The program should determine which pipe is inside the panel and then create a cast unit for each panel and pipe included in it

I’m sorry! TEKLA I’m not familiar with, but I guess the logic is the same! :smiley: :grinning:

just used the @Yatchun logic & applied here
it might be helpful you you (11.6 KB)

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This is great!!! But when i increase the number of objects, an error creeps in somewhere and some panels are merged together. Is there any way to track this error?

i dont have ur geometry to check it
and reload the script if your adding the items

These are the model objects:
cu_test.rar (23.8 KB)

the uel file is not working just get the breps in rhino t

tekla model objects saved in Rhino:
cu_test.3dm (9.4 MB) (19.7 KB)

the code works i have tested it
u need to redo it and wait it take much time to create the assembly but works (4 mins) (1.1 MB)

Unfortunately, it’s not working for me :thinking: What am I doing wrong?