How to add normal map to importing obj. file

First of all , i’m new here and have a problem with a object that a bought.
It’s a monkey and have the extension .obj . It came with several maps.

Now the normal map (monkey.jpg) has details for the monkey.
But how should a get the right mapping for the monkey. I try sphere and unwrap.

This is the monkey that I want :slightly_smiling_face:

And this is what it is now :grinning:

Thanks for some answers.

i’d do it using a blend material. I’d use the map and a Vray Dirt for blending 2 materials

Yes , I understand that. But how should a mapping the normal map ?

I put this in the displacement slot. But the mapping is then wrong on my rendering. Like
the eyes on the normal map are on the back of the monkey. So I try a sphere mapping and turn it but that
was not the right way. Also unwrap did not the trick. I hope that my explanation is clear …
I want to use it in this project. He is sitting already there but not so beautifull as it should be.

Still WIP.

i think it souldn’t be mapped, since it seems an unwrapped map

it should work directly