How to add light rays to a render?

Hi guys,

Im wondering if there is a way to add light rays to a render in rhino?

Im slowly working my way towards using rhino for everything, from 2D cad all the way to 3d rendering. it seems like rhino is really beginning to becoming a fantastic all in one program. there are just a few things i havent worked out yet.

One of these things is adding light rays to a render. So i have this render (see below (ignore the photoshop post editing)) that i would like to add some light rays too. normally id work this out in photoshop but for this project, im honestly not sure where exactly the light is coming from due too the multiple waterbeds above causing many sources of light.

is there a way i can make the raytracing do this for me? even if the effect isnt particularly great, i just need something to give me a good base to work off in photoshop.

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If you mean “god rays” see this reply by me in 2020

Note though that you yourself have to place these - there is no way yet to get rays lit up automatically.

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ahh i fair play, this isnt a bad work around at all! thanks for that!