How to add extra files to the files system during plug-in installation

I have a series of VBScript files that I publish in a few different plug-in files.
Each of these scripts has a related HMTL file (and other image files) that provide an interface for that script.

The problem I have is that when using the RhinoScriptCompiler and “.rhi” file naming functionality, I can only put the additional files in a similar location/branch to the plugin file (which is directly related to the plugin it’s installed in).
Now this is fine if this plug-in is the only plug-in the script is ever used in (as I can reference the additional files’s path via the rhino.plugininfo() function, but since I use this script in multiple plug-ins, this wont work.
I really need to be able to install the additional files into a common folder, rather than a plug-in specific one.

Any ideas?



@shanew06 Are the additional files of significant size? If not, since you’re already distributing the scripts in multiple plug-ins, why not distribute the additional files in each plug-in too? Otherwise, what about separating each of these scripts into their own plug-in, so they only have to be downloaded and installed once?

P.S. We’re working on a new package format, which will make it possible to distribute plug-ins with “dependencies”. It’s not ready for prime-time, yet. :slight_smile: