Can single RHI file contain a few different plugin RHP files?

As in the subject - Is it possible to add several different RHP plugin files into the RHI plugin and have Rhino Installer install them all correctly? I vaguely remember seeing a mention in Wiki that this is not possible but I can’t find it now.



Were you looking for this page?

I’ll let @will answer the actual question.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks, yes I saw the page… I just don’t see any info about including multiple rhps into one rhi… I thought it was listed as a limitation there in the past, but it is not anymore, so I wonder if this would work now.


Unfortunately no, this is not possible. To install several different plug-ins in one go you’ll need to roll your own installer (i.e. MSI). We have a guide on Registering Plugins (Windows) that takes you through the information that Rhino expects to find in the registry in order to know what plug-ins to load.

Thank you @will , that’s what I thought.
Would it be possible to add this capacity in future ? (to the wishlist heap) for the RHI installer?