How smart is the Internet?

its a good question, since the internet is a huge resource of memory, though as pointed out it is rather a lethargic brain with no real active function other than crawling more memory. it sure knows a lot which by definition at least tested in iq tests should indeed be valid as some sort of artificial intelligence. but the question is, does ai have to be creative to be be considered a valid source of intelligence. the closest i could assume would be more creative in associative thinking would be the google or any similar search by photo function, though thinking about it again using the search function does nothing less… and thinking further what more does intelligence like us human do other than gathering and associating memory. if creation which is based on given, researchable and understandable data, then there is no artificial intelligence at all, it all is just a resource.

i assumed for the round 10 years i know the discourse now that the Meta category was meant for exactly such stuff

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