AI art incredible

All these images generated in seconds


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I love this stuff. I downloaded Visions of Chaos software and experimented with the Text to Image but my graphics card was nowhere near good enough.

This is awesome! And FAST!

It’s like the future, only now! :slight_smile:

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Good to share the text you used to generate each image!

Texts are random like:

metallic rhino sit on table
metallic rhino with a head of grasshopper
architecture modern house

You can write anything , and there is a guide in website

I’m struck by the similarities between this sort of amusement, and running a cat around using a LASER pointer…


Those first 4 images remind me of Heath. Anyone remember him? He hasn’t posted here in years. I wonder if he still uses Rhino?


I remember Heath…I think he actually helped me out when I was first starting to use Rhino.


you mean you never get bored of running a cat round with a laser?

Ask it to do a portrait of yourself in a particular style!

I mean the cat never got tired of it.

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Human faces created like zombies :smile:
Check Youtube there are many tests about portrais

Heath is an incredible artist and was a huge contributor over the years…

Buddy, if you are still out there, we miss you!

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This can also used to create tiles and textures

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I still haven’t decided if Midjourney is at all useful, but it sure is fun! :grinning:

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I found that @akudless gives some very good analysis of possible uses of AI .

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This is an article about using this Technology to generate beautiful Architectural design


Anothers images from “”"Midjourney “”

You can stay the whole day, trying it out, it’s quite addictive…it’s used to test ideas…Very interesting but you have to “pay” for it to run well! (Midjourney).

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They also ask for invitation
There is a software to use it localy but it need a powerful pc