How repair a bad mesh? Unable to apply UV mapping

Enclosed you will find an object bad mesh. I was unable to apply any kind of primitive UV mapping projection. For example, if I apply spherical UV-mapping, later when I go out UVEditor, it shows in render mode the broken projection. I try a different method but with no success. While waiting for a fix in the UVEditor, I need somehow to workaround. Probably the broken mesh is not helping. I try to repair it but with no success.

Any idea?

UnableApplyUVmapping.3dm (728.7 KB)

I make a retopology using Blender. Take me like 3~5 hs and result was not grate. UV mapping in Blender is OK but Rhino primitive projection is much better.
Spherical, cylindrical UV mapping in Rhino are awesome. The UVEditor is failing but after some bug fixing will be incredible.

Here is the final result,

mesh was made in Blender over the Rhino one. But I do not recommend going in Blender. It takes you a lot of time. Probably is much better to try to fix the original mesh some how.