How one can snap to the center of the deformable cirlce?

I am trying to find the center of the deformable cirlce with a command or an easy method, so I can snap a new geometry to it.
The circle in the video has 14 control points, and it is 3 degree curve.

What I tried:

  1. Used the Centermark command to mark the center, but somehow it is not accurate.
  2. Tried Center Object Snap, but it didn’t indicate the center.

Is there a relatively simple way if I like to snap to the center of a deformable circle in Rhino 7?


Hello- in Options > Modeling aids, there is a setting for this:


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I checked the box in your picture, but it doesn’t indicate the center either.

Hi Quan Li - can you post a curve or two? perhaps it is not close enough to a true circle.


trying_to_find_the_center_demormable.3dm (30.3 KB)
OK.This is the file I tried in the vid.
It is 14 CPs, and 3 degree.

Yeah - I guess that is just not circular enough.

Use degree 5 and 14 points.


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Got it, Thank you!


You can also use the AreaCentroid command to get the center without rebuilding the circle :relaxed:

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Thank you!

Hi Quan Li

Depending on the anatomy of the shape, its orientation in space regarding the W CPlanes, and the intent, you may use the Bbox to quickly find an acceptable averaged center.

This strategy is not intrusive as you don’t need to modify or optimize the shape.
But it is less as reliable as what has been suggested by Pascal.

Just a workaround to go fast when precision is not involved for the next operations.