Center Point Snap in RH6 from RH5 Circular Objects


I have a problem after I have upgraded my Rhino 5 license to 6 version.

I think the drawings that I created in Rhino 5 cannot be read by 6 correctly.

For example, when I try to snap on a center of a circular object that I created in RH5, it can easily snap on the center.
However, when I open RH5 file in RH6, that same circular object center snap is unavailable while I track my mouse pointer on its edges just like what I did for RH5.
I also checked with, exporting the object from RH6 to RH5 and again it turns up it locates the center snap for my object.
The only center that RH6 saw was the exact full circles but not the fillets…

Does anybody encounter the same problem ?

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Hi Bora - if the circular objects are not true circles, it may be that enabling the setting in Options > Modeling aids page for approximate arcs and ellipses will sort that out:


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Hello Pascal,

Thanks for your help, it works right now.
Actually it was circle not circular like ellipse but i connected it with other arcs / trimmed the inner / joined.
You can see the file in here to check yourself. icenter-snap.3dm (25.7 KB)

I just wanted to check the RH5 reaction and it does snap to the same object but there are no control
in RH5 just like you describe in properties.
Is that because of the performance enhancement in RH6 ?
Does it normally consumes so much ram and thats why it has a different option for that ?

Center snap snaps to all of the arc sub curve centers here except the inside of the “hooked” section. If you run SimplifyCrv on the original, then it will also snap to that center.


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Thanks for your sufficient answer.
Even if I did use an exact circle to achieve this section, I may have missed some point and somehow it comes up as a non-arc curve.