Center snap has error

V7 I didn’t update today. Using (7.4.21078.1001, 2021-03-19)
This was driving me batty. In the attached file the squares all seem to share a common center but if I use
the center snap option Rhino doesn’t snap to the correct center point of the square. Maybe something I missed?

SnapToCenterProb.3dm (50.4 KB)

yeah … that is a tough one - on polylines, Cen averages the points and this one has points all over the place.


To make matters worse, the seam is the point at 3 o’clock, so SimplifyCrv does not actually fix anything, you need CrvSeam as well.


Hi Pascal,
Ok fair enough maybe this needs to be placed in the zoo of curiosities so the developers can tune their code. In the best of all possible worlds the computer shouldn’t fail where humans don’t.
Thanks for taking a look and for your fast reply.