How many Region include each point?


I need to calculate for each point how many region is including it. using Grasshopper.
for example:
for “point 1” it is included by 4 regions
and “point 2” is included by 1 region.

How can i do this ?
I tried “Point in curve” but I couldn’t manage…

Thank you in advance

Have a look at this demo… (9.7 KB)

But what if i have 1000 of points ?
i posted here for simplisity just 2 points

Check this as well… (11.1 KB)

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Correction: you posted an image of just two points. Try again by posting a GH file with internalized geometry of a hundred points and dozens of regions.

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I’m using Decoding spaces Plugin to calculate the “Isovist”

Those are still images, not an actual GH file with internalized geometry. You’re expecting anyone who responds to create their own demo geometry which is a lot of work and may not match your own.

Still, I believe @HS_Kim’s second post has answered your question?

Why use a plugin for Isovist?

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i just didn’t want to bother you as it require a plugin and it is heavy to calculate…
and yes @HS_Kim has answer my question
thanks a lot

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For the record, this model generates “dozens of regions” (white group), up to a hundred points and does not use Member Index. The “Regions per Point” text panel shows the number of regions for each point. Points outside of all regions are white. (25.0 KB)

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