Retrieve all curves with points inside (Points in Curve)

Hi, to process GIS data in a particular way, I am trying to retrieve all curves that contain a point. However, I noticed not all rectangles are retrieved in this particular test script.

You can see that the bottom left rectangles contain points, but are not retrieved based on the indices provided by the “Points in curve” component. How could I fix this?

Problem_Points in (11.0 KB)

When you’ll read the Index output description you will find this info: Index of first region that contains the point. So this might be the reason why you can see that when there is a point that is inside 2 or more different rectangles, you will only have one rectangle as an output anyway.

this will get you there:

Problem_Points in (19.5 KB)

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Thanks @inno, this inspired me to make some changes to the script and it now retrieves all rectangles that contain points like so: