How does the anemone loop counter work?

Hi everyone,
I’m starting with the Anemone pluggin and the loops, and I don’t understand how the “counter” variable works.
In the exemples I’ve made, I’m expecting panel A to show the sequence 0 1 2 but instead I get a 01012. Why do I get those extra digits at the beginning ?
Looking through the three examples there, I’m a bit confused with the results shown in the panels, for instance in the blue example I’m expecting a 1 2 3 sequence and again I get some extra digits.
Can someone explain to me where are my mistakes ? Thanks !

same problem for me, does anyone know why?

This is a mis-comprehension of how Recorder and Button components works.

The button is not “shooting” only a true value when pressed, it is also shooting a false value when released. So, any time you cycle the click-n-release, you are updating the button twice.
Press > true (or whatever set inside)
Release > false
(as long you don’t release your click, the state will keep being true…)

Input parameter “T” in anemone is “Trigger”, which takes ANY variation of its sources as a trigger to recompute everything.

Recorder will store anything, so combined with anemone, you are re-starting anemone twice, but the recorder will store anything from your last manual reset…


As alternative, and as better “trigger”, use a value list with “value cycle” style:
value cycle


Hi !
Thank you for the explanation, it makes much more sense now =)