Array polar help

I’m working on a coffee table with a ribbed base using these half round dowels.
Looking for some help with Arraypolar, I’d like to spread these half rounds around this circle with knowing exactly how many half rounds I need. Hopefully this will do two things, 1- let me know how many half rounds ill need to cut and 2- let me know the exact size the base needs to be so the half rounds meet up with no gaps.

maybe arraypolar isn’t right or there’s a better way? any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance

The circumference of a circle = 2pir, so that is the length you need to fill (approximately of course, since the dowels are flat). If you divide that length with the amount of dowels, you get the width of the dowel. If you divide it by the width of the dowel, you get the amount of dowels.

Example: say your table is r30 and the dowel is 1, you will need approx.188 dowels. Since the space left is approx. 0.5 and that is divided over the 188 dowels, that makes it practically closed.

btw: if you want it to be dead accurate, you can also, once you know the amount of dowels you want to use, make a polygon with the number of sides equal to the amount of dowels, and then use the Edge option to draw it by the length of one edge. After that you make a tangent inner circle of that polygon so you can align it to the center of your grid, and use array polar to make the dowel copies.


this is actually a perfect subject to set up in Grasshopper: (16.1 KB)