How do i Snap the end point of this curve and replicate it to all the points?

Hello Guys…!
I am newbie in grasshopper environment. I want to snap the end point of this curve and replicate it in every points (showing in the reference image). I am attaching the Definition file please help me out.

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Huzefa Malik

Curves and (12.3 KB)

What does “snap the end point of this curve” mean? You didn’t internalize the curve.

Curves and pyramid (10.9 KB)

This is the updated file

Like this sketch i want but in every point


Still not clear, sorry. Do you mean copy the curve to each of the points? Like this?

Or do you expect them to be oriented differently somehow? Maybe like this?

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Thank you so much

Can you please Share .gh for that?
It will be really helpful to know the process…
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Huzefa Malik

Which one? I have a third version in progress that orients the curves perpendicular (“normal”) to each “surface” of the pyramid. Vague questions don’t identify the problem to be solved.

All three methods included. Note that I substantially simplified your code in the yellow group without changing anything functional. I have no idea why A×B is there? (22.9 KB)

Method number three:

For this one I want the .gh defination


Too late. You chose method number two (included above), which is the least obvious of all. Please try to be way more specific with future questions.

The outputs of method two and three lofted together:

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