Copy the object to multiple points on the closed curve

I want to multi-copy the object to multiple points on the closed curve in the direction perpendicular to the line.
If there are few, I will make a rotation copy by aligning, but the type of curve and the number of points are too many.
The Array Curve command is also placed only at regular intervals and cannot be multi-copied to irregularly spaced points.
Closed curves are always flat. Use the blue line at the end of the object to set the standard for the outside and inside directions, or suggest other methods.
I am not familiar with Grasshopper.
Can someone help me?

Thank you.

example.3dm (232.2 KB)

OrientOnCrv with the copy option

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Thank you.
I need a way to do it all at once.
I have to do more than the example.
There are thousands.

There’s certainly a way to script it, I have never scripted OrientOnCrv though so it would be a little more than trivial for me to attempt it. OrientObject function looks like what is required, along with the perpendicular vector to the curve at each of the points.

Some commands and links that might prove useful.




Thank you very much for finding and helping with various resources.
I’m working with the orient command to rotate the orientation and copy.
I’m not familiar with coding so I don’t know where to start.
I am at a level where I simply change the command and use it. :sweat_smile:

For now, OrientOnCrv is the best way for me.
I need a way to put them all at once in the points rather than just copying them one by one.
Is there a way to select multiple points in the copy options?