How Do I Preview Renderings When Using Custom Dimensions

When I render my scene with custom dimensions ( lets say 1920px x 1920px ( 1:1 ) ) and my perspective viewport is not the same dimensions, some parts will be cut off in the final rendering. Or if the dimensions are smaller than the viewport I never know what the final rendering will look like and I find myself fiddling around and press render again and again to set the view by eye.

Is there a way to preview the very final rendering view with its dimensions I just configured?

I know in the software Blender3D you can see a border that indicates the width and height of the picture you are about to render, when you look through the camera. There must be a better way to set the render view than to set it by eye, right?

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Hi Niklas, I think you want to enable the ‘safe frame’ in the viewport to be rendered -


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Thank you!! Yes, this is what I was looking for…

What can I do with the Action area and Title area? Or what is their purpose? The docs are not helping…

Hi Niklas - these are there as aids in composition of the image - to help you place the areas of interest in the frame - a minimum distance from the edge for example, or a margin where text or labels can be placed without obscuring the area of interest.