How do I model this...? The loft looks hard!

Hi yall! First time using the forums as I ran out of resources for help…how do I model something like this?

Big thanks if anyone could help!

How much experience do you have using Rhino? What have you previously modeled?

Hi there, I am experienced on making most ortho or simple curves (about 4-5 years of using it). I have always been working with developable surfaces however, so when it comes to this kinda of freeform I have zero experience :frowning:

XNURBS plugin can help in your case. This is not the only solution, but perhaps the easiest to learn. Good luck to you.

Thank you very much!

The first step in modeling a shape such as the one in the drawing is to look at it and think about it. Can it be considered as one or more simple shapes which have been modified? For example the shape in your image could be though of as a set of boxes which have been added to and subtracted from. Split it into simpler elements.

Then think about the shape as a collection of surfaces. Shapes in Rhino are sets of surfaces. “Solids” are closed surfaces or polysurfaces. How can the shape be divided into a set of individual surfaces? Each surface in Rhino has four sides though one, two or three sides can have zero length. Surfaces can be trimmed to arbitrary shape. Trimmed surfaces are first constructed as untrimmed surfaces and then trimmed.

You should start by working through the modeling portions of the User’s Guide, Level 1 Training Manual and Level 2 Training Manual. The training manuals can be used as stand-along tutorials.

Then start modeling. Model simple shapes and gradually add complexity.