How do I model this teapot spout?

First post on the forum, I’m a little nervous :confounded::point_right:t3::point_left:t3:

Lol jokes aside, I’m working on a teapot spout but I’m having a couple problems in the modeling process so I’d really appreciate any help.

For reference, this is what I’m trying to model (with some minor adjustments)


Problem 1: There’s a slight waver on the sides of the spout and ideally, it would be straight



I used these primitive surfaces (plus the outer wall of the teapot) to trim the object into shape.

I spent a while messing around with the control points to try and align them manually, but I’m wondering if maybe this approach isn’t the best for the shape I’m trying to model?

Problem 2: Zebra map is a little weird where the two surfaces meet

I know it’s somewhat possible since a previous version of the spout looked like this:


My design constraints are:


And the thickness is 3mm with 1.5mm radius fillets.

Any advice is appreciated!

(Edit: added an image)

Hi Vincente - if you can post what you have so far, it will be easier to help. If the file is confidential, please send to with a link back here in your comments.


Thanks Pascal, I’ve just sent an email with the file attached.


The intersection of the spout and the tapered curved pot wall can only be an exactly straight line if the intersection is parallel to the centerline of the pot. Otherwise while the intersection can be straight in one view it will be curved in other views.

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Ah yes, I was already aware of this but thanks for the reply!

I’m more so wondering if my patch layout or surfacing approach is alright for my given constraints.