How do I join two shapes and delete a line segment between them?


I have two rectangles side by side, touching each other. I want to join them into one shape and delete the line segment between them so it is one continuous shape.

I have been searching, reading and watching videos for two hours and cannot find this. This should be so simple. Please help, thank you.

Try MergeSrf

I’ve tried this, but after I select MergeSrf and it prompts me to select the pair of surfaces, nothing happens. I try to select the two rectangles and nothing. :frowning:

And if it is planar, mergeFace or mergeAllFaces.

After rereading the original message, perhaps what you are looking for is curveBoolean

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Have a look at the Help file article for the command (F1) and see what it’s requirements and limitations are.

I’ve read numerous help topics, but still can’t figure it out.

mergeFace also does not let me select anything. I’ve also tried curveBoolean and no luck.

Can you post what you are trying to do?

I just need to combine these two into one and delete that line segment between them

CurveBoolean will work here set deleteInput to all, and combine regions to yes. Alternately you could use trim, select both rectangles as the cutting objects, then crossing window select the bits you want to get rid of, and join the result.


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Looks like they are lines (Curve objects), so select both, run Trim command, pick the segment you want to remove, then select what is left and use Join command.

Optionally use CurveBoolean command.



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Join did not work before. And I was confused-i used boolean union, not curveBoolean. CurveBoolean worked. Thank you!

Join did not work before. CurveBoolean worked. Thank you!

Consider going through a good set of tutorials so you figure this basic stuff out more quickly with less frustration.
The User’s Guide is quite good.
It’s on the Learn page for Rhino for Windows, first column, second row.

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