How do I get rid of this geometry?

Can’t figure out how to eliminate the face circled in the image. What should I look at to figure out what’s making this geometry “unselectable” ?


face-delete.3dm (232.2 KB)

extract de surface, delete it, and cap the object

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Hi - thanks - yes, tried that, and it worked; however, I’m curious how to figure out what was breaking the object.

Without knowing how you created it, it’s difficult to say

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Created by:

  1. Drawing 4 rectangular extrusions
  2. Subtracting 3 to make 2 openings connected to one large interior volume
  3. Decided to make “roof” separate, so deleted the roof face & lowered the edges to the correct height
  4. Capped object

Pretty sure that was it. That said, it could happen with a model that someone else built, too, so you might now know how it was made.

Hi! Don’t forget: you can always select brep components (like this superfluous surface) with CTRL-SHIFT, then simply delete them. No need to extract them first.

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