How do I Fillet a Brep with edges that change parametrically?

I am trying fillet this brep and I can’t find a solution to filter and select edges that keep on changing list order, dimension and properties.
The edges I want to get rid of are these vertical ones, it might help that their direction is {0,0,+/-1}:

The edges selection should be this:

I am trying to get a fillet like this around the whole Brep:

Here is the file: (21.0 KB)
Help would be greatly appreciated (19.7 KB)

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Thanks, I’d got half way with python but still had issues, that solves it.
Just got to find the issue with the radius now as I am losing one of my surfaces :sweat_smile:

I untrimmed your original surface than re-split with it against the surface edge. Looking more gnarly now hopefully! (30.1 KB)

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Thanks, that works but unfortunately like the other solution the fillet fails for most values, 0.3 works but most others seem to fail. I’m trying to get it working with a python script as maybe it is a tolerance issue :confused: