How do I choose and join points to make x lines?

(Claire) #1

Hi everyone, I’ve got a problem that feels like it should be simple.

I’ve created three sets of points A, B, and C, along with an origin. I’ve also connected O to all the points in A, all the points in A to all the points in B, and all the points in B to all the points in C, so I also have three sets of lines OA, AB, and BC.

My question is, how do I select sets of OA, AB, and BC, such that I can optimise branching pillars?

Here’s an example of what I mean.

That is, how do I select, say, 3 points in A, 9 points in B, and 27 points in C? My intention is to try and optimise these lines OABC for load, using galapagos. My problem right now is that I have no idea how to do n Choose x points for each set.

Thanks once again for all the help.

tree skylight test 3.3dm (114.9 KB)
tree skylight test (11.8 KB)


This looks like a Shortest Walk problem - see white group: (19.7 KB)

However, I would use a different approach to generate your points that is more random at each layer: (25.5 KB)