How do I change the accuracy of Analyze+Point command?

Currently when I use the Analyze + Point command and select a point on an object it is only giving me a two digit coordinate ( example 2.10,-0.88,0.16 )

Is there a way to have it display 4 decimals so I get more accurate info ( example 2.1034, -.8803, 0.1600 )

Thank You…


Hi Go to File->Document Properties (this is per-file) and then to Units, and the lower section that talks about “Distance Display.”

I wish it was just “all the digits” but I guess too many users aren’t aware of scientific notation and the limits of precision in floating-point math and get freaked out by things being apparently “off” by the length of a proton.

Thank You very much Jim…

That did the trick!

Yes, I agree with your point of being off by a proton… much of my work in Rhino is for injection molds, so things have to match up perfectly… so this will really help me out.

Thanks again…


Well that’s the thing, when you get down to it, nothing will be “perfect,” and even if you see a difference beyond a certain point you can’t even tell if it’s “really” there or just a rounding error from doing base-10 math on a computer. You don’t really want more than 6 or 7 significant digits in your model.