How could I create this 2D organic shape in 3D?

I’m trying to visualize several organic 2D drawings (example below) in 3D for a public artist. I love playing with organic shapes in Rhino when I can invent my own but find it difficilt to create precise, predetermined organic shapes.

My current workflow has been creating a center line and arraying circles to create one half, capping it then mirroing it. I was going to union those halves, then firgure out to properly blunt/round the tips but these shapes aren’t letting me do any boolean operations.

Is there a better approach for this? I don’t like this seam either, it needs to be more smooth.


I was exploring y-branching on SubD with the WIP but that’s a rabbit hole I’m not ready for yet.

Trim out the center section. Surface blend positional. Then Surface match curvature with preserve isocurve direction both sides.


Brilliant, thank you!