How can we use ShapeDiverDataOutput?


(Mateuszploszajmazurek) #1

I have tried to use it to show some calculations on the model but I do not see any output. Where should I look for it?

(Edwin) #2

Hi @mateuszploszajmazure this is Edwin from ShapeDiver, have you checked our API documentation? That is the way you can access data Outputs from your model. Link:

Hope this helps.

(Mateuszploszajmazurek) #3

Can I use it without creating my own code, just with the basic shapediver app that shows model after upload?

(Edwin) #4

Hey @mateuszploszajmazure, DataOutputs are meant to be used using our API as its description shows.


(Mateuszploszajmazurek) #5

Ok, thank you for the answer! I have used the contact form to apply for the API.