How can we use ShapeDiverDataOutput?

I have tried to use it to show some calculations on the model but I do not see any output. Where should I look for it?

Hi @mateuszploszajmazure this is Edwin from ShapeDiver, have you checked our API documentation? That is the way you can access data Outputs from your model. Link:

Hope this helps.

Can I use it without creating my own code, just with the basic shapediver app that shows model after upload?

Hey @mateuszploszajmazure, DataOutputs are meant to be used using our API as its description shows.


Ok, thank you for the answer! I have used the contact form to apply for the API.

I use the API v2, but i dont know how to access the sdDataOutput information in v2. In the documentation I could not find any command for that.
api.parameters.getAsync(); works fine for the parameters an api.exports.getAsync(); also for the export definitions, is there any similar command for the dataOutput?

thanks for your help

In the Api v2, the data is available through the scene interface. You can either all the contents of the scene (geometry, materials and data) by calling api.scene.getAsync() or just the data using api.scene.getDataAsync().

When I did that with your latest model, I found one data output:

{data: "4€", id: "9c56a488f97155879cbafaa5ac7dc3f5", name: "ShapeDiverDataOutput", plugin: "CommPlugin_1"}

By the way, I notice that you didn’t give a name to the ShapeDiverDataOutput component (which still has its default name). If you give the component a name (in this case, for example “Price”), it makes it easier to find through the API using a filter: api.scene.getDataAsync({name: "Price"})

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exactly what i was looking for, works perfect!

great thanks

Hi, now that there is new version - is there a tutorial on how can I quickly set up the data export (I have trial premium)
I would like to save the combination, or a screenshot from the app and mail it to a specific address.

Nothing has changed on the Grasshopper side, just use the ShapeDiverDataOutput component and give it a meaningful name so it can be found easily with the API.

On the API side, assuming you have managed to successfully embed your model and got the api javascript object, just call api.scene.getData() to find all the data outputs defined in Grasshopper.

I hope that helps, in any case we are building the documentation section and more informatio and tutorials about this and other topics will soon be added to