DataOutput Empty

Hi Guys,

Unsure if we are doing something incorrect here, but we are seeing no data coming out of DataOutput nodes.

We are using:

This is the set up inside the GH:

And this is the result:


Jonas Blazinskas

Could you post a link to your model? In case it’s private you can send a direct message. There you go.

Thanks! Just gave it a try in the Chrome browser console, and it seems to be working:

I also tested on several browsers and could see the exported data without issues. @Jonas-Blazinskas could you let us know if you still experience the problem and give more details regarding your configuration (browser, device…)?

Google chrome, Windows. We are using direct embedding through a ticket and it’s all within a react framework. Here is the code below:

async componentDidMount() {
// container for the viewer
// here the reference works and the container is loaded correctly
let _container = this.containerSD.current;

// ShapeDiver Viewer constructor settings
// Refer to for details
let settings = {
  container: _container,
  showSceneMode: 1 // do not show the scene automatically
// construct an instance of the viewer
this.api = new window.SDVApp.ParametricViewer(settings);

// register a ShapeDiver CommPlugin
await this.api.plugins.registerCommPluginAsync({
  // ticket of the model as shown on
  ticket: '4085ce2c773691d2ec7806686ee30e7313b1e950cf38d130c1857c5581de553f95516b7337f449866b1cfa92b20f5c01f77b4ddf2fe0e672d58c60b39d1ad862c083d552e0c388be92d14ad12751a76dcb899e26b79c5398a236a82fbfd7c9fbdb86c0f15e4f56aa6d82530e1a13111f2bdc0210d8d1-5f9c3c01de9c8b569ee69a74d008de9b',
  // URL of the ShapeDiver backend system used
  modelViewUrl: this.props.modelViewUrl,
  // runtime id to use for this CommPlugin (you might register several)
  runtimeId: 'CommPlugin_1',
  // the following setting tells the viewer to wait with loading of geometry
  deferGeometryLoading: true
console.log('ShapeDiver CommPlugin successfully loaded');

// get parameters of the model
this.parameters = await this.api.parameters.get().data;
if (this.parameters) {
console.log('Available model parameters', this.parameters);
// Updating parameters
// this.api.parameters.updateAsync({ name: 'Width', value: 10 });

// optionally change parameter values before showing the scene
//await this.api.parameters.updateAsync([

// console.log(this.api.scene.getDataAsync());
this.data2 = await this.api.scene.getData();

// refresh (load geometry), because the initial parameter update might not have changed any values
await this.api.plugins.refreshPluginAsync('CommPlugin_1');

// finally show the scene
await this.api.updateSettingAsync('', true);


Note that I have changed the ticket due to deleting the previous one but it is the same GH script with a same error.

The problem must be related to the fact that api.scene.getData() is being called before api.plugins.refreshPluginAsync. The latter makes sure that the scene parts provided by the plugin are loaded.

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Yup that fixed it, thank you so much!