How can we change mesh to solid?

Hi everyone,
I have a model here. It was exported from a calculate software. Now it works as mesh in rhino,and I can not

edit these. So, how can I change these mesh into volume?

Thanks for your repley!model.3dm(37.8 KB)

Well, it’s not something recommended generally but in your case the geometry is simple enough that the MeshtoNURB command would work. All it does it take each mesh face and turn it into a trimmed surface.

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Maybe offseting mesh could also be a solution

I have a related question so would like to continue this thread.

I was given some geometry in the form of a very fine mesh. The person giving it to me was exporting it from ICEM and his only options for exporting it were .igs and .3ds. I am an active user of spaceclaim and solidworks but have never used Rhino. I had no luck importing the .3ds file into spaceclaim or solidworks but when I downloaded my trial ver of Rhino I was able to open the mesh file. I tried the MeshtoNURB command before reading this post and it warns about having too many faces. The reduce mesh finishes but does weird things to the model like deleting some faces etc.

My goal is to take this mesh and get a solid model that I can make a few changes to and import it into ansys to re-mesh and run cfx models on.

Will it be possible for a novice Rhino user like myself to quickly turn this mesh into a solid model?

The short answer is no. Surely there is some way of getting something out of ICEM that is not a mesh. Try IGES.