How can this sofa be modeled?


I’m fresh to Rhino. Can any one help tell me how can this sofa be modeled in Rhino? How long would it take to model it if you’re comfortable with the software?

Model 01

how any answer could be useful for you if you just started with the program? search for tutorials on youtube.There are a lot of them. It only takes practice, there is no shorcut or magic between.

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maybe 15-20 minutes, that also depends if you have to develop the shape still or simply just redraw the given shape.

here a very brief super rough sketch of how you can approach the first steps;
the yellow curves you lay out in the angle you want and (for example) arc blend them together and join. but best would be to get comfortable with control point curves and model the boundary with one continuous curve, but that needs a little practice so starting as i did may me the better choice for now. the red curve you use than as an additional guide and use patch.

here you add a few guide curves normal from the surface to create the outer rim of the sofa then use sweep.

if you prefer or need to model the knob raster around the perimeter, you can experiment with modelling them first then use FlowAlongSrf. Or you use ArraySrf. There are several methods more of course for advanced usage like the built in paneling tools.


i found the following for your request, sorry not as fast as siri…

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HUH Hahnemann University Hospital (Philadelphia, PA)
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